5 Things to Know Before You Start Your Blog



Things to Consider Before You Start Your Blog


So you’ve seen my posts on how to make money blogging and you’re ready to jump in and get started!

Before you go set up your blog and get to writing, it is extremely important to have a few things nailed down first.


1. What will be the main topic of your blog?

You must blog about what you are passionate about. What can you talk about for hours and never get tired of it? Could you blog about your topic every day and still find new ideas to post? Don’t start a blog just to earn money. Blog because you love what you are writing about. You will NEVER make money from blogging about something you don’t love. (Okay, never is probably a little strong, but it will always be an uphill battle.)


2. Supporting topics

What will be the supporting topics under your main topic? Your blog is like a house. It needs a foundation (your main topic). Then it needs some walls to give it structure.

So for example, my other blog’s main topic is “Christian Homemaking”

Now, let’s narrow that down a little more and break it up into “Housekeeping”, “Family” “Healthy Living” and “Faith”

Okay, let’s break it down one more time.

“Housekeeping” can be broken down into “Cleaning”, “Organizing” and “Home Decor”.

“Family” can be broken down into “Marriage” “Motherhood Encouragement” and “Kids Activities”

“Healthy Living” can be broken down into “Recipes” “Physical Fitness” and “Healthy Living Tips”

“Faith” can stand alone.

Are you going to have a recipe blog?

Break it down into “Main Dishes” “Side Dishes” “Desserts” etc.

Then break “Main dishes” down into “Beef” “Chicken” “Slow Cooker” etc.

You need to decide on the overall structure of your blog before you ever start. This will put you WAY ahead of the game when you do start since you can choose your blog’s layout and set up the navigation correctly from the get go.

If you don’t you’ll end up with a disorganized mess of posts that will take you HOURS to go back and clean up.


3. Title

You need to put some thought into the title of your blog. It needs to be memorable and relevant. People should have an idea what your blog is about just by the title. People won’t want to visit your organizing blog if it’s named “Thoughts from Rebecca”. They have no clue who Rebecca is or what her thoughts are about. Name your blog “Organizing with Rebecca” instead.

Keep it short. The longer your title the harder it will be for people to remember.

4. Domain Name

When choosing your title, make sure it is something for which the domain name is available. Your domain is your “address”. (www.mycoolblog.com) If someone already has www.mycoolblog.com taken you don’t want to name your blog My Cool Blog. You need your title and your domain name to match. If you tell someone you blog at “My Cool Blog” they are going to assume that www.mycoolblog.com is where you blog and type that in when they’re looking for your great content. Only they’ll have the wrong blog.

You can check to see if the name you’re wanting is available using the widget below: (affiliate link provided)

5. Social Media accounts.

If you are going to have a successful blog, you will need to have social media accounts. You cannot get traffic to your blog without being on social media. At minimum, that includes Facebook and Pinterest, but it would be great to be on Twitter and Instagram too.

You need to pick a blog name that is available on all the social media accounts too. You should always use the same name everywhere you go on the internet.

My other blog is imperfecthomemaker.com. If you look for me on Facebook, my page is Imperfect Homemaker. If you look for me on twitter, I’m @imperfecthome. Pinterest is MaryEllen (ImperfectHomemaker) and Instagram is imperfecthomemaker.

People need to know who you are wherever you go.

So before you pick your blog title, make sure that account name is available on all the social media sites.

That will give you plenty to think on and get organized by the time I walk you through the how-to’s of actually setting up your blog.

Follow these instructions and you will be way, way, WAY ahead of the game from where most bloggers start. Trust me, okay?


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