Earn Money on Your Blog with Affiliate Programs (My Favorites)

Today I’m sharing my favorite affiliate programs.  If you are intentional about sharing products that you truly like, you might be surprised at how the earnings will add up for you.  I’ll share some more specifics about how to go about promoting these in the next email, but for now, go ahead and sign up for the programs that will be a good fit for you and your audience.  It may take a little while to get approved; signing up now will ensure your applications have gone through in time for you to try out some of the techniques I’ll mention next time.


affiliate programs for bloggers


Affiliate programs:


1.  I would have to say that Amazon’s affiliate program is my absolute favorite.  You can find and link to basically any product you want to mention without having to keep up with your log-in info to a thousand different affiliate programs.  If someone clicks on your link and purchases something different, you will still get commission on whatever they purchase within a 24 hour period of clicking your link.

2.  I also really love to use Shareasale – You’ll find lots of different companies that have very appealing offers for your readers.  Email updates from merchants keep you aware of great sales that you can mention to your audience.  Many of the merchants will send out bonus opportunities for affiliates, where you can earn money just for posting a blurb about them regardless of whether anyone buys anything.  Several will also send out incentives, such as “make 10 sales by the end of the month and get a $100 bonus”.  My person favorite merchants on Shareasale are:

  • Cents of Style – Their products are very popular and priced very low (meaning lots of people buy!); they send out emails with sale notifications along with images and your referral link directly in the email.  No need to log in to your account to grab links.
  • Craftsy – High-paying commissions; They also periodically offer free classes and will pay you a certain dollar amount for each person who sign ups (How hard is it to sell FREE stuff?!)
  • Green Kid Crafts – generous commission and popular products
  • Jane.com – daily-deal site with lots of popular products.  (I don’t have a sign-up link for that one.  You’ll have to do a search within your Shareasale account.
  • Flirty Aprons – I once posted a sale from Flirty Aprons, and within minutes it BLEW UP with orders!  I never knew they were so popular, but hey, might as well post the stuff people want to buy, right?
  • Shutterfly – They offer GREAT specials that are popular with pretty much everybody
  • Little Passports – Generous commissions; a good program if you have the right audience for it
  • Dayspring – Very popular proudcts; great deals for you to offer; convenient emails with images and links embedded. (No link for this one either; you can search in your Shareasale account.)
  • Sun Basket – high commissions; great product

Other Shareasale programs I have heard are good but haven’t tried myself yet:



4. Escalate Network – Many of the offers are for free things, making it very easy to earn commission!  (Just be sure to test out the offers before you recommend them; some are a little spammy, but some are really good freebies!)

5. Bundle sales – occasionally someone puts together a bundle of eBooks or products and sells a whole collection of things at a massively discounted price.  Affiliates for these bundles earn a very generous commission.  Bundle sales account for a big chunk of my yearly income, so I don’t like to skip them if they fit my readership.  My favorite bundle sale to be an affiliate for is the Ultimate Bundles.  They have several different themed bundles throughout the year.  (If you have your own product, you can submit it to be included in the bundle and earn 70% commission!)

6. Individual bloggers in my niche – If another blogger has a product that I think my readers would enjoy, I’ll check to see if they have an affiliate program (most bloggers with products do).  Many pay 50% commissions on their products.  They’ve done the work to create it, and you get half the money!

7. Build a Menu – I have earned quite a bit through this menu planning affiliate program.  They have quarterly sales where your commission is increased to $15 or $20 per sale.  The sale price is irresistible, making it easy to rack up the sales.

8. Ebates – Your referrals earn cash back on their online purchases, plus they get a $10 gift card when they make their first qualifying purchase.  Earn $5 per referral, with occasional bonuses, where you get paid $20 per referral!  It’s not hard to get people to sign up for free money, and $5 (or $20!) adds up fast.



Referral programs

Although you don’t earn actual cash with referral programs, only store credit, I have found several of them to be very worth promoting.  The products are things we would normally buy, so it saves our family a lot of money to have credit and get them free.

1. Thredup – This is so easy to promote because when you share your referral link, they will give any new sign-ups a free $10 credit to spend.  When someone makes a purchase through your link, you get a $10 credit as well.

2. Tropical Traditions – $25 credit when someone purchases through your link; additional $1 for each repeat order.

3. Stitch Fix – Earn $25 per referral.

4. Thrive Market – You receive a $25 credit when someone makes a purchase through your link.

5. Grove Collaborative – your referrals get $10 credit when they sign up; you get a $10 credit when they make their first purchase.


What programs do you like to use on your blog?


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