An Easy and Time-Saving Way to Come up With Blog Content

Coming up with fresh content ideas for your blog isn’t always easy. Today I have an awesome new content tip for you and the best part is that some of your post is already written!

It’s perfect for those busy days when your calendar is full but you want to get a blog post published.

Come up with nearly unlimited blog content ideas and save tons of time in the process!

Ready?  Here it is:

Answer questions from your blog comments, Facebook page, or emails.  Anytime someone asks you a question, save it wherever you organize your blog post ideas (in your drafts maybe?) When you need a quick post, take that question – copy and paste it into your blog and answer it. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Of course you want to answer your readers right away when you see the comment come up. Go ahead and do that. But keep a mental tab on this question and ask yourself this:

  • Will other people have the same question? (99% of the time the answer will be yes)
  • Is there more I can share on the topic?

If you answer yes to both questions (and you likely should), then the commenter question qualifies for a follow up blog post. And that’s exactly what it is; a follow up to the original comment question and your answer.

Start by introducing the topic or question. Share the question and then let your readers know that you wanted to give a more detailed answer, thus the new blog post. Share the answer you gave the reader in the original comment and elaborate as you see fit. That’s it. A quick and easy blog post and for a portion all you had to do was copy and paste.

Format it, add a graphic and you’re ready to hit publish. Rinse and repeat with other questions as they pop up in your comments. Readers love these types of posts because they often had the exact same question, but they were too shy to ask.

If you find yourself with quite a few questions, you may even want to make this a new featured category on your blog. It will quickly become a valuable resource to your readers.

Doing this will also save you a lot of time in the management of your blog too! If you’re thorough in your answer, you’ll not only answer that one reader’s specific question, but you’ll answer related questions in the process.  When you get comments on other posts or questions via email, all you have to do is reply with a link to the post.


And since I know some of you will have this question – what if I don’t ever get questions from my readers?  (My blog is too small or too new for my readers to be engaged, etc.)  Here’s my answer to that:

Watch for questions on any content that is related to your niche – when you’re browsing Facebook (think comments on other bloggers posts, questions in Facebook groups, on Twitter, even the Q&A section of  magazines or newspapers!)

You don’t have to say that the question was addressed directly to you (because that wouldn’t be true, obviously).  You can simply say something like, “I was browsing through Facebook the other day and I saw someone in a group I’m in asking about “________”.  Since I know a lot of my readers can relate or may have a similar question, I wanted to share what I’ve learned about that.”

Easy and honest!

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