How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

Blog posts can come in all shapes and sizes and range widely in both formatting and word length.

Some even have almost no words at all, sharing instead and infographic or a video for example.

Obviously the type of post you are creating will determine how much time you spend on it.  I understand that most of us don’t have hours each day to create blog content, so how do we make sure our blog has enough fresh content without every post being a quick quote or image?

My advice is to create a mixture of quick posts and what I’ll call “heavy hitters”.

So let’s compare the two, shall we?

How Long Should My Blog Posts Be? | Great Blogging Tips from Bite Sized Blogging

Quick  Posts

What is it?
A quick post is something that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about; you just sit down and do it.  It may be when you get that “burst of inspiration” and  you can feel the words flowing, so you write them down and hit publish.  Or it may be a thought-out series like a daily tip or inspirational quote.


Doesn’t take much time to create
Helps keep fresh content on your blog
People will read the entire post


Sometimes hard to create high quality content when doing so quickly
People are less likely to share  if it’s too simple


“Heavy Hitters”

What is it?
A “heavy hitter” takes much more thought and fleshing out.  These posts may take a day or even several days to write by the time you do all the research, writing, re-writing, editing, graphics, videos, etc.



Generally more likely to get shared over and over and bring indefinite traffic to your blog.
Gives you greater authority in your niche
More likely to get found via search engines


Greater investment of time



There’s a lot more work that goes into a “heavy hitter”, so don’t feel pressured to come up with a post like that every single time you publish a new post.  A baseball team doesn’t expect their batter to knock it out of the park every single time.  It’s the combination of every single base that adds up to win the game.

Combine the two types of posts to keep your content fresh while still occasionally knocking one out of the park to find the most success!

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