How Much Can I Make Blogging?

You most likely know that there are many bloggers who earn 6 and 7 figure incomes from their blogs. You may have seen Pinterest pins where bloggers claim that they made x number of dollars in their first month of blogging.  Seeing success stories like that makes you hopeful that you too can achieve a full time income with your blog, and it makes you wonder, “Just how much money can I really make from blogging?

how much money can you make blogging


The short answer: It depends.


The long answer is a little more involved.

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There are so many variables that go into how much any given blogger earns from their blog, such as:

  • Niche
  • Traffic
  • Work hours
  • Expenses
  • Audience demographics
  • and many more things


For example, Blogger A might be pulling in 7 figures a year but has a large team to help keep all the balls in the air.  That blogger’s personal paycheck might not be much larger than someone with a modest sized blog who does not pay out very much in expenses.

Or Blogger B might not be earning a very large dollar amount all; however, she may put very few hours into what she does and her earnings per hour are therefore MUCH higher than another blogger who works 60 hours a week on their blog.


So if you are a new blogger or considering starting a blog, what can you personally expect to earn from your blog?


I believe you can earn pretty much whatever you set your mind to – but it’s going to depend on how much work you’re willing to put into it and how strategic you are.


I like to tell people that a good goal is to work as little as possible while earning the highest dollar amount per hour that you can.


Now, this gets a little bit tricky because sometimes your money making activities don’t bring immediate income.  For instance, you may be working on a product to sell but your hours won’t translate to dollars until you finally finish and launch your product.  Knowing which activities will translate into income, whether immediate or delayed, so that you can focus on those is key to maximizing your dollar amount of earnings per hour.  You don’t want to waste time on activities that are going to make only a minute impact on your income.  (Wondering exactly which activities you should focus on, step by step?  Grab this Secret Blueprint to Blogging Success from Elite Blog Academy – it’s free!)


So, although I can’t tell you exactly how much will earn with your blog, I hope that I can at least help you to set some realistic expectations.

If you want to earn a full time income, I’ll be honest and say that it will require LOTS of work, time, and expenses.

If you want to earn a part time income, I’ll be honest and say that you DEFINITELY can earn a part time income on part time hours.  With a little strategy, consistency, and perseverance, a part time income is 100% doable for someone who doesn’t want to pour hours upon hours into their blog.  And the more strategic you are, the higher your earnings per hour become so that, over time, you can work less and less while earning more and more!


Best wishes on your blogging journey!


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