One Easy Way to Get More Facebook and Pinterest Followers

How to get more Facebook and Pinterest Followers


What is happening to your posts?

Are people sharing them on Facebook or pinning them? Many times – not always – but many times the way a post is shared goes strongly in favor of one or the other.

(And if you don’t have sharing tools on your blog – get some ASAP.)

Go analyze several of your top posts and see if they’re a “Facebook post” or a “Pinterest post”. Many times you think you know what a post is going to do but your readers will ultimately tell you.

In other words, if people are mainly sharing it on Facebook, and it’s not doing much on Pinterest, it’s a “Facebook post”. So now it’s time to optimize it for Facebook. If most of your traffic is coming from Facebook users, you don’t want to try to direct them to Pinterest. They’re already in Facebook mode. So what do you do? You embed a Facebook like box in your post and give them a clear call-to-action. “Follow on Facebook for more mom-to-mom encouragement.”

If your post is a “Pinterest post”, you can embed your Pinterest board into your post and ask them to follow you on Pinterest.
Start with your highest trafficked posts and embed the appropriate call-to-action. Over time, you will gain relevant followers who are interested in your content.

It’s wonderful to gain Facebook and Pinterest followers on the actual platform, but we might as well gain them from every source we can! Can you think of other ways to gain social media followers directly from your blog?

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