6 Ways Busy Moms Can Find Time to Blog

If you’ve decided you want to make money blogging, you’ll need to spend time consistently working on your blog.

Today I’m sharing different ways busy moms find time to blog.

I know blogging mamas in all sorts of circumstances.  Some:

  • Work full time and blog
  • Work part time and blog
  • Are full time SAHMs and blog
  • Stay at home AND homeschool and blog
  • Work a side job from home and blog
  • And I’m sure there are more variations!


The point is – you CAN make money blogging, if you want to badly enough.  Most people don’t have extra hours they are just looking to fill.  No matter your circumstances, you’ll most likely have to MAKE time to make it happen.


busy moms find time to blog

Some ideas for finding time to blog are:


1.  Get up before everyone else. 

You can log a couple hours worth of work every morning if you’re willing to set the alarm and get up before everyone else.  You’ll have focused time with no interruptions, and you’ll have tackled and conquered one of the most important things you need to do before the day even starts!


2. Stay up late.

If your creative wheels start turning as soon as your head hits the pillow, maybe you could flip getting up early on its head and stay up a couple hours past everyone else’s bedtime.  The one downside to staying up later is that you might have a hard time “turning your brain off” and going to sleep once you’re done working.  You’ll have to try out different ways and see what works for you.


3. Blog during naptime.

If your children are little, use the quiet time during naptimes to crank out some blog content.  If your children are too old for naps, there is still no reason they can’t have a dedicated quiet time during the day so they can rest and you can blog.


4. Use a mother’s helper.

A great way to get more done on your blog is to pay for someone to come take care of your children and perhaps even do some light housework so that you can work on your blog.  What you’ll pay for a teenager or young adult to be your mother’s helper will most likely be cheaper than paying a VA to do blogging tasks for you, and you might enjoy having a little break away from the kids if you’re a full time stay at home mom.

If your mother’s helper is too young for you to leave home alone you can work at home.  Shut your door and give them clear instructions that you are not to be disturbed until your “office hours” are over unless there is an emergency.  If you’re comfortable leaving your helper alone with the children for a while you can head to a coffee shop or another quiet place with wifi and get some focused work done for a few hours.


5. Have a dedicated work day.

Right now Saturday afternoon/evening is my work time.  I get the house tidied and put supper in the crockpot and then head to my “office”, (which is just a spare room at my parents’ house, but hey, it’s quiet and there’s free wifi!)  My husband spends the day with the kids and I have lots of quiet time to buckle down on blogging.


6. Work in the cracks of your day.

I personally prefer to keep the computer and phone off unless it is my designated work time, but depending on your family dynamic and how pressing your financial needs are, you may want to fit in as many work hours as you can.

That means you keep your laptop open and check a couple emails while the kids are doing their reading.  When they’re working on their chores you write a paragraph of a blog post until it’s time to check their work or help them.  When you walk past the computer you write another point on the outline for the eBook you’re planning to write.  Bascially you just have your computer handy and do small tasks whenever there’s a little lull in your day.  This is my least favorite way to find time for blogging because I don’t feel like it’s very productive for me.  But if you have a very organized personality and have your to-do list handy all the time you should be able to pick short little tasks to accomplish here and there.


Most likely you’ll end up with combinations and variations of the above options for finding time to blog. I hope I’ve at least spurred your thinking to give you some ideas for what might work best for you.


You CAN make money blogging, and I’m here to help walk you through the process.




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